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AIM-VA Explorer

This AIM-VA Navigator App is the mobile form of an online resource that facilitates the process that guides a collaborative team as they work through the AIM-related needs of individual students. It is not a screening or diagnostic tool. The Navigator consists of a series of guiding questions to assist teams with decision-making about need, selection, acquisition, and use of accessible instructional materials. Learning supports for completing each decision-making step are available throughout. The AIM Navigator App collects the decisions made, along with any notes entered. These decisions and notes are included in a summary that can be viewed, saved, e-mailed, and/or printed at the end of the process. If you have access to a computer the full screen version can be found at

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Download AIM-VA Navigator App from Apple App Store Download AIM-VA Navigator App from google play

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For questions or technical support, please contact: [email protected]